21st March -Osho’s Enlightenment Day

A Tribute to My Guru..Osho (a.k.a Rajneesh). 21st March is the day he attained enlightenment.

Osho- An apparent bundle of contradictions..yet his words pierce with pinpoint singularity. In this world….where Guru’s are projected or are forced to project or historically projected as the epitomes of “Perfection”… he was literally the devil incarnate…


He was and is a Human Guru…. Not sugar coated… Not Syrupy…Perhaps for this reason…. he did not suit the palates of folks used to sugar coated tonics…

For a society which constantly harps on the positive…on positive characteristics… on positive magnanimity… he gently seeped in the existential fact that in the positive is in-grained the negative…is hidden the not so desirable characteristics as well….

The “heads” in a coin is automatically accompanied by the “tails”….One cannot exist without the other… Life exists in duality…and yet is a singularity….

God is irrelevant without the devil… or that God is relevant as long as the Devil exists…So God himself co-exists with the Devil… Opposites yet complementary….

It is through him that I realized that its not “bad” to be angry…but its “natural” to be angry…

Energies though opposite and apparently not in Sync at the surface… are deep in Unison at the core…

The banks of the Ganges or any other river… though two…is one at its origin….is one from where it erupts..

For the conservative Mindset … that shuddered at the thought of “Sex”…..that squirmed at the thought of sex…that tried its best to abstain from it and practice celibacy….he was a whiff of fresh air….who proclaimed that Celibacy can be attained to….only by understanding Sex.. not by abstaining from it….

The higher can be achieved…only by understanding the lower…

Through him I have realized that the human mind swings between the good and the bad… between the higher and the lower…between the 2 extremes…

Between Anger and Love…..

Between Sex and Celibacy…

Between Positive and Negative….

and “All energies are welcome…..and all energies are to be understood and lived”… Nothing is to be shunned…


Through him… I have embarked on a journey… where in the outer knowledge has lost its glamour…and the focus is now an  inward exploration…just walk the journey… no goal…

How much does one know oneself?? How much does one know the inward space?? Do we have the time to pause and explore a journey to infinity??

For the outer… there are many rats… running on the treadmill of money and fame…but being intrinsically blind to the inner space…without having understood the inner…they attempt to conquer the outer.. and only factually know the inner…

The outer drops… sooner or later…it is only the inner that accompanies throughout…that haunts….the undercurrents of it are very strong..subtle yet strong…

Through him… i have realized …and accepted…that I am…I simply Am…That I simply am an acceptance….

Cannot be anything more…Cannot be anything less…A Balance…An awareness is all that one can be….

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Author: Team Wellness

A dreamer, who from a window seat of a rail bogey, enjoys staring at the infinite plain lands, re-living images captured by the eyes, amused by a dogs yawn and its trot.. moved by a cows gaze and fascinated by the trail of army ants kissing each other to glory…
I am not sure if slow n steady wins the race.. there is no race if you ask me….but certainly slow and steady has its own grace…

2 thoughts on “21st March -Osho’s Enlightenment Day

  1. Conviction in contradiction.

    Conviction that makes the words roar with sheer logic and sagacity. That is how aptly Karthik crystallizes Osho’s teachings.. .

    One cannot duck the sledge hammer punches when he “Floats like a butterfly,and stings like a bee” said the famous boxer Muhammad Ali. Osho mesmerizes the masses with his words that spew fire at the hypocrisy of the orthodoxy,. punctuated by quotes and humour that do not hesitate to make a buffalo blush(!)

    If Muhammad Ali was a great champion of the heavy weight title with his lashing firsts, Osho was the great revolutionary intellectual gladiator in the arena, a champion the likes of whom that is yet to be.

    Karthik’s blog speaks the language of Osho, in his tribute to a great soul that tread the earth.It takes guts and understanding to explore territories anew. Karthik has progressed in the “path of awareness that one can be”

    Karthik,, it is a lovely bouquet you have offered to your Guru. ,

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