4 sure shot ways to get Knackered!!

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A few practical examples to get Knackered!!

Disclaimer -The brave-hearts can try these out at their own risk.. Please feel free to share your knackered experiences 😉

  • Forget your wife’s or girlfriends birthday and get Knackered for free!!



  • Forgetting to gel with Nature will eventually leave you Knackered as well.



  • Screwing around too much will certainly leave you with that Knackered feeling


  • Forceful abstinence from screwing around, is also a sure shot recipe for feeling knackered



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Author: Team Wellness

A dreamer, who from a window seat of a rail bogey, enjoys staring at the infinite plain lands, re-living images captured by the eyes, amused by a dogs yawn and its trot.. moved by a cows gaze and fascinated by the trail of army ants kissing each other to glory... I am not sure if slow n steady wins the race.. there is no race if you ask me....but certainly slow and steady has its own grace...

One thought on “4 sure shot ways to get Knackered!!

  1. excellent illustrations for one who is Knackered. He will realise that he is one among the many.

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