Photo Challenge: Transient

via Photo Challenge: Transient

Life’s a Beach…

Here today…Washed Away Tomorrow

Memories etched in the sands of time…are but Transient

Photographed @ Byndoor, Karnataka


Author: Team Wellness

A dreamer, who from a window seat of a rail bogey, enjoys staring at the infinite plain lands, re-living images captured by the eyes, amused by a dogs yawn and its trot.. moved by a cows gaze and fascinated by the trail of army ants kissing each other to glory... I am not sure if slow n steady wins the race.. there is no race if you ask me....but certainly slow and steady has its own grace...

6 thoughts on “Photo Challenge: Transient

  1. “On a day like today, we passed our time away ……writing love letters on the sand……” A favourite hit song of the old gold times when we used to listen to the song on the antique gramophone. I dont remember the lyricist. It was sung by the great one and only Pat Boone.

    Kartik, you have evoked memories of those bygone days with dim lights, slow music and lyrics that depict fading times.

    Thanks for the trigger.

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