Spiritual Mathematics…

It finally boils down to this…One is either a Spiritualist or a Logician… These 2 categories contains the “types” of  all mankind…

So here follows a Spiritualists Vs Mathematicians take…An Un-patented…categorization of folks…albeit in a totally refreshing theory…

The left hand side is the view point of Spiritualists….captured into boundaries by the Mathematicians….on the Right Hand Side

No beginning… No end…. <==============> From” -Infinity” to +” Infinity”

A Realization that we are Not <==========> Naught….Zero

Independence is Paramount <===========> In-dependence…Everything is a co-relation

Neither THIS..Nor THAT..Non Polarized<==>survives in polarities..Does not spare numbers either…

Which side of the equation does you fall in ??

Do you associate with “The sheer beauty of Logic” or “sheer audacity” of Logic

Capping the infinite….so conveniently between symbols…worse on a piddly little black board….

You now decide…Given the word “Psychological”

Whether you are a”Psycho” or Whether you are “Logical”

You know where I stand 😉 ….Don’t You..


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Author: Team Wellness

A dreamer, who from a window seat of a rail bogey, enjoys staring at the infinite plain lands, re-living images captured by the eyes, amused by a dogs yawn and its trot.. moved by a cows gaze and fascinated by the trail of army ants kissing each other to glory... I am not sure if slow n steady wins the race.. there is no race if you ask me....but certainly slow and steady has its own grace...

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