Daily Prompt: Planet-An alignment with the Stars!!

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Astrology…The very mention of this word evokes interest…An alert ear.. A raised eyebrow… A skeptical smile… A muted curse…

Does it work… Can planets and stars and their ilk situated thousands and thousands of miles away influence us??

My intent is not to debate  of what is a planet and what is not… nor to dissect or validate any particular school of thought…

One of the points I have encountered how can planets/stars situated thousands of miles and miles away influence us….

Well…Its a known that Sun and the Moon affect mankind… At-least this much may be accepted..

The Sun is 149.6 million km from earth.. and yet its rays hit each individual on earth… its the source of life…without whom it is impossible for Life to survive…


The Moon is 384000 km from earth.. Its waxing and waning has a direct bearing on the state of the mind and on many an incident in nature and human kind as well..


So at an esoteric plane…. distance is irrelevant…a millimeter or a thousand miles are all the same…

Further thanks to Albert Einstein and his scientifically accepted concept…

E=Mc Square

Mass is not dead…can never be dead…. is also a form of energy… a form of consciousness perhaps… I am only conveying what  Mr Einstein has said so…which the scientific community holds in high regard…


Even stones can be considered to possess a trickle of consciousness…in varying degrees…

An odd ball stone  in nature may have more than the required consciousness permitted…nature too is mysterious…it too loves to confuse the “logical”mind of man 🙂

… And thereby “God” and Idol Worship gets introduced to man….

If a stone be considered energy… than can Man ever be considered only “Mass”… If still anyone wants to persist… that he is only “M-ass”… so be it…

World is Energy… The outer and the inner worlds…both are energy…We are the World… We are Energy…and We are susceptible to energy…

Hope this introduces a “ponderism”….


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