Daily Prompt: Inheritance

via Daily Prompt: Inheritance

I am a strong proponent of the “Eccentric Will or staying with the times E-Will”….being the creator 😉 and perhaps the only sole follower 🙁

An eccentric will you may ponder??….Its indeed an unique will… Will it happen ?Well, it reads like this….

“I here by proclaim that on my meeting with Lady Death… All assets in paper and commodity deemed in my possession shall burn with me to appease Lady Death…”

or shredded and buried as may be the case….

As I foresee…It definitely will rid property disputes down the line…There shall be no more fights over inheritance… no more entangled legal battles…. or undercurrents of desiring more from the departing!!

Reminded of an add that used to come ages ago on TV… It’s an add touching upon raw universal human emotions… Language is not a barrier…

Further the “Karma & Co” laws state that “One comes empty handed and departs empty handed”… With this approach… one can at-least depart rich ;-).

Whether one has lived rich is totally a different matter…Also the Karmic Law would mandate a change on the departing empty bit…as

“One comes empty handed….but one has the option to depart rich…. with a Fistful of Dollars perhaps”

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