Innocent as Never Proven Guilty

via Daily Prompt: Guilty


Become a politician,

For chances are, you’d never be proven guilty

All scams are charges by the opposition

to simply paint you filthy…

Where exactly is the fudge

is well known, even to the Judge

Proof’s get wiped out with a nudge

And the case simply refuses to budge

For their tribe

Zeroes have an allure

for which there happens to be no cure!!


Disclaimer – Any resemblance to any politician in your country of residence is purely intentional.






Author: Team Wellness

A dreamer, who from a window seat of a rail bogey, enjoys staring at the infinite plain lands, re-living images captured by the eyes, amused by a dogs yawn and its trot.. moved by a cows gaze and fascinated by the trail of army ants kissing each other to glory... I am not sure if slow n steady wins the race.. there is no race if you ask me....but certainly slow and steady has its own grace...

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