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Integration of Music Therapy into Counselling

We invite all out there to our workshop on ” Integrating Music Therapy into Counselling”.  Highlights of the workshop: 1. Chakras and Ragas, their relationship and hence music as a therapeutic module. 2. Effects of Music on human brain and anatomy 3. Music and emotions, their interlink. 4. Music Therapy for treating addiction, Bad/unpleasant memories,… Read More

Flowing with the Flow

Certain skills come naturally to us. We are a born natural with somethings, which may be a herculean task for some others. For example, a flair for painting or poetry may come naturally to some, where as gardening or a love for baking may come naturally to some others…Whatever one’s natural flair is, let it… Read More

A degree for Life

via Daily Prompt: Degree With all the various degrees in the education market, working with factory line precision… churning out qualified degree holders than ever before in mankind’s history… humanity should have been much more evolved than ever!! Is that the case though?? A degree imparts education, does it impart Wisdom?? does it make us… Read More

A honest confession : Patina

via Daily Prompt: Patina Honestly, I had to look up the synonym of this word… Patina.. Thanks to this Daily Prompt, my vocabulary stands enriched.. Wikipedia defines the word thus : Patina is a thin layer that variously forms on the surface of stone, copper, bronze and similar metals, wooden furniture, or any such acquired… Read More

Tender Tenterhooks

via Daily Prompt: Tenterhooks A life lived on tenterhooks is not worthwhile… Break free… we all need to find the keyhole that opens up the door to the divine, to the creative… Many key holes may reject us… we may be a misfit…But the only way to finding the right keyhole is to eliminate the… Read More

Is Life a One-Way??

via Daily Prompt: One-Way There was once a vagrant who resided near the outskirts of a village. Far enough from the eyes of the villagers and the crowd, lest they object to his presence. He had to be careful though… The outskirts of the village also happened to be the beginning of a thick and… Read More

A Knit and Knot Story

via Daily Prompt: Knit The very word Knit conjures up a rich image… of ladies especially in India and other South East Asian countries, knitting a sweater or a shawl, to drape the human form and keep them cozy and warm during the winter months…   There are others who can knit out of thin… Read More