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Daily Prompt: A Vague Answer to the Rescue

via Daily Prompt: Vague Vague– A style of answering I normally relied upon, when the teacher asked me toughie questions… My self image had an allergy to hearing me utter the words “I don’t know the answer”, and so I would embark on a journey of beating around the bush!! At times, the teacher simply… Read More

Marketplace Meditation

Be in the Market place, but not of the Market place -Osho Meditation needs to be something normal… very ordinary. There is nothing special needed for it. No special preparation, no build up needed, no expectation that you would need to experience tranquility when you meditate.. There is a misconception prevalent that Meditation is Concentration…… Read More

Politically Toxic

via Daily Prompt: Toxic Toxic – Words that politicians spew out,often whilst dripping Honey!!. The topic can be any, can be many!! If Religion is One, Divide it into Many!! If a Country is One, Split into Two!! By Order, put up a Border Subject the masses to untold disorder Keep temperatures on the boil… Read More

A Duet or a Quartet?

via Daily Prompt: Quartet Words,Words Everyday Words,Words Everywhere Some in English,Some in French Some in German, Some in Spanish Even if the world does vanish Words may survive…hidden in some trench!! Some words create a duet when strung beside each other while some create a quartet Sometimes I ponder, if mankind were to be in… Read More

Swallow your Medicine or Pride!!

via Daily Prompt: Swallow Kerala, a picturesque state in India. The southernmost state, sharing its land borders with the mighty Arabian Sea, and home to the one of the most famous holistic and alternative forms of medicine-Ayurveda India in the 1970’s was not hit by the specialization Tsunami yet, compared to the cut-throat surgery oriented… Read More