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Music- A scientific and meta scientific perspective

Introduction ‘Where words fail, music speaks’, – HC Anderson. HC Anderson was a famous musician and a Danish author is best known for writing children’s stories including “The Little Mermaid” and “The Ugly Duckling.” By its very nature, music is a powerful medium for communicating emotions to others as well as to oneself. Scientific evidence Let’s… Read More

Music And Noise

How is Music different from Noise? If music be considered as a treat to the soul, noise may be regarded as anti-music for it has an adverse effect not only on human body and mind but all living species on earth and the entire universe. But one of the most revealing facts which fascinates me… Read More

Brief Introduction to Ragas of Carnatic Music

The first classification of Carnatic ragas into mELakarta system dates back to 17th century, pioneered by Sri Venkatamakhi. The classification was made, considering 16 shades or variants of saptaswaras (unlike the 12 variants of Hindustani system) and hence as much as 72 distinct melakarta or Janaka/parent ragas were formed. Each parent/ Janaka raga has a… Read More

Will the light ever shine?

Will the light ever shine onto us?? Does it really matter? Do we end up missing the beauty of the night…the beauty of darkness…ignoring the night…. Perhaps the light is embedded…within the darkness… Perhaps the outer is only a tool to prod us…encouraging us  to look for the light within… Start with Acceptance…With acceptance there is… Read More

Enhancing Your World Of Wellness – Logic Vs Emotions??

The World Is Chaotic. Restless. Turbulent beneath the Calm Can the inner world or the worlds within an individual be any different? For a World driven by cold and calculative logic….the answer is “NO”. It is simply logical that it mimics the outer…Ain’t it? However the inhabitant individuals are fortunately not ROBOTS…The individuals are not only… Read More

Enriching Your World of Wellness

  All of us have a world within our brain…There are as many worlds as there are individuals. All of us, I am certain would like to enrich the world within… And surprisingly it’s not money that can enrich the world within…     Finances are needed on a Societal plane…Enriching the World of Wellness… Read More

A journey from A2A

It’s the age of Abbreviations… A2A is what I would like to call a Journey… A Journey of Understanding… A Journey of Empowerment…A Journey of Clarity.. A journey from Awareness to Acceptance(A2A) or Acceptance to Awareness(still A2A) in the experiential array of human emotions assorted under “Life”. One of the basic cause of worry for… Read More


Clarity Arises on understanding the working of our Mind… And surprisingly….Internal Clarity arises out of External Confusion   Our focus in societal living is too much on the external…on the visible plane…on the other…It’s OK… Society demands an individual to lead such a life style… However it would be worthwhile to ponder… albeit in a different direction…focusing inward…. on… Read More