Certified NLP Practitioner Course @ Rainbow Club Kidz Library, Malleshwaram, Bangalore @ Rainbow Club Kidz Library
Jun 16 – Jun 24 all-day


The Wonder called Man:Why NLP

We invite one and all to enter the fascinating world of “Neuro-Linguistic Programming” (a.k.a NLP)

Man is a pattern reproducing machine… unless his awareness is truly alert… To substantiate, if one has a habit of procrastination, more often than not, he will find himself procrastinating on many areas of his life.
He is aware that this is not a healthy habit… but time and again he finds himself in the grip of whiling away his most precious resource… his time!!
For ex, the world has never been as health conscious as it is NOW!! Yet there are many who despite being aware of the virtues of good health… somehow cannot take any concrete steps towards ensuring their health!! Yet, there are others who manage time for their health and eventually their wealth!!

Whether these patterns(habits/phobias/fear/relations) are truly beneficial or not… One simply continues with these patterns, at times much against their wish and resolve…

If the above is something you can possibly associate with… If the above strikes a chord in you… then working with NLP as an enhancement tool, as an awareness increasing tool will most certainly empower you with immense benefits…

Further, if there is a habit which needs to be further enhanced/optimized, then to NLP can empower you with clarity and resolve.

Come, join us in understanding the fascinating ways in which your Mind functions. In unraveling the ways of the mind, One Understands oneself better…and subsequently the other as well…

What will you Learn:

  • NLP Presuppositions
  • The Mind -The Trickster (DDG)
  • Mechanisms for Increasing Sensory Alertness
  • The Art of Rapport Building
  • Introduction to Milton Model of Hypnosis
  • Mind and Representational Systems. (What is your primary Representational Mode?)
  • Overcoming Anxiety, Phobias and unpleasant memories using various NLP techniques (Swish and others)
  • Doing away with Procrastination and Aligning to your Goals.
  • Meta Programs/Mind Maps (What is your mode of thinking)
  • Sub Modalities in NLP
  • World of Anchors
  • Time Line Coaching
  • Beliefs, Values, Passion
  • Language Reframes
  • Metaphors in Language
  • Music and Resourceful States
  • Loads of Interaction, Fun To-Do Sessions and much more

How would you benefit?

  • It can help provide deep insights into human behaviour be it relationships, or self-behaviour, and also provide crystal clear clarity on working towards and achieving goals, overcoming procrastination, health and fitness etc… It also serves as an excellent tool to overcome phobias, anxiety and learning disorders.

Who would benefit?

  • As with any new tool or application, the onus of maximizing potential in various aspects of life is on the participant. This said, we are committed in your journey of empowerment and can be reached through various channels.
  • Freshers, Team Leads, Project Managers, HR Managers, Sales and Delivery Managers, Trainers and CSR members in the Corporate World.
  • Students, Creative Artists, Freelancers, Entrepreneurs, Home Makers, Counsellors, Trainers, Psychologists, Special Educators and Self-Awareness Seekers.

The Value Proposition:

  • A flat 50% discount on registering for the NLP Master Practitioner Course with NLP Coach Academy, led by Vikram Dhar(Award Winning International Master Trainer and Licensed NLP Coach)
  • Be a Speaker in the Subsequent NLP Practitioner Programs
  •  Free participation on all 5 days in the subsequent NLP program that we conduct. Simply walk in, participate and mentor the batch.
  •  Member of a closed WA NLP Commune, to stay in touch and maintain your motivation.