Relationship – Understanding the Head & Tail of it….

Relation–ship– Bifurcating the words “Relation and Ship”… A ship when visualized indicates stability…… Associated with a leisurely charm…. …an entity that does not bother to compete much with its other transportation cousins … roadways &airways…yet it has an air of authority and an old world charm. Both words Relation and Ship however indicate a flux…… Read More

Conversation and Conservation

via Daily Prompt: Conversation I have personally been fascinated by the word “Conversation“… Probably as it closely linked to the word “Conservation” as well.. it just needs a shuffle of a few alphabets…2 alphabets to be precise.. Each interaction in life is a flux… You meet a stranger… You either converse or conserve your vocal… Read More

Independence in a Relationship

In Marriage or Relationships- all that matters is perspective!! Independence tends to become “In-dependence“… Where the “ME” accommodates the “WE” “where each leans on the other”… This leaning can be interpreted as Strength.. Two hands are better than One… or can also be interpreted as a Restriction, an Impairment!! and partners often oscillate between these… Read More

Life Compass : Often without Bearings

via Daily Prompt: Compass Life at times, brings us to a cross road… Unsure we are… on which direction to choose Doubts and Indecision spring up… and the mind feels weighed down… It ponders and debates…. whether to take the road less traveled… or to take the road many have traversed… or to take the… Read More

Time for “Solarized” Humans

The Sun is the life sustainer of Earth. The entire life cycle of earth revolves around it. Yes, even the earth revolves around the Sun!! What is visible also hides the invisible.What is routinely visible in the physical realm also tends to be overlooked and ignored. (Familiarity breeds contempt!!!). Such has been the disdain of… Read More

Flowing with the Flow

Certain skills come naturally to us. We are a born natural with somethings, which may be a herculean task for some others. For example, a flair for painting or poetry may come naturally to some, where as gardening or a love for baking may come naturally to some others…Whatever one’s natural flair is, let it… Read More

A honest confession : Patina

via Daily Prompt: Patina Honestly, I had to look up the synonym of this word… Patina.. Thanks to this Daily Prompt, my vocabulary stands enriched.. Wikipedia defines the word thus : Patina is a thin layer that variously forms on the surface of stone, copper, bronze and similar metals, wooden furniture, or any such acquired… Read More

Tender Tenterhooks

via Daily Prompt: Tenterhooks A life lived on tenterhooks is not worthwhile… Break free… we all need to find the keyhole that opens up the door to the divine, to the creative… Many key holes may reject us… we may be a misfit…But the only way to finding the right keyhole is to eliminate the… Read More