Life Math… Paradoxical Indeed

Life is a duality in the sense… that it always provides a choice… We can often commit to the known… the path well traversed… It provides a sense of Security… Or we make a choice to commit to the new… the unknown…It provides a sense of Risk…  Security offers Comfort… of something to gain Risk… Read More

AUM – A sound meditation

The sound AUM represents the Silent sound… Many chant this, aspiring to reach a state of tranquility… to simply be that sound…. In another dimension, it also represents that which is continuously created (through the sound “A”) to that which is continuously destroyed( through the sound “M”) Symbolically “AUM” in the manifested realm are attributed… Read More

Daily Prompt: Faint-Certainly not for the faint minded!!

via Daily Prompt: Faint It’s often exclaimed…that certain horror movies or activities are “not for the faint hearted“…. But isn’t it the mind that experiences fear…. Shouldn’t it rather be “not for the faint minded“… Certain minds experience more fear as compared to other minds… It’s only a matter of degrees.

Monkey Business – A Transactional Analysis

Some monkeys decide to visit their human manifestation. Me ;-)… I decided to capture this visit of theirs onto a snap.. a natural snap unlike a posed selfie…Scratching each others back’s without bothering to smile… Some random thoughts from their rather unexpected visit… I would guess that Monkey A and Monkey B would scratch each… Read More

Porn of a different kind -News

If porn is considered as harmful…negative…., then there should be a New category included called “News” under Porn… News Porn is what I would like to call it…for the content of Present Day News… Man has different grades of consciousness, different levels of consciousness… For some minority of the population, it is the Rock Bottom… Read More

A Quotable Quote – An Osho Quote

A certain darkness is needed to see the Light – Osho I recently came across this statement on a bookmark. The statement in itself is quite profound. If one stays with this, ponders on it, and sleeps with it… it seeps into you…That is what statements from Masters other greats are supposed to do.. Some… Read More

Daily Prompt: Planet-An alignment with the Stars!!

via Daily Prompt: Planet Astrology…The very mention of this word evokes interest…An alert ear.. A raised eyebrow… A skeptical smile… A muted curse… Does it work… Can planets and stars and their ilk situated thousands and thousands of miles away influence us?? My intent is not to debate  of what is a planet and what is… Read More

The Story of a Zen Garden

A Zen story A young disciple under an enlightened Master was cleaning the garden… The disciple in order to impress upon the Master took great efforts in ensuring that the plants were trimmed proper and manicured… The pathways strewn with leaves were all cleansed… A well cultivated garden it turned out to be…   He… Read More

Daily Prompt: Pamper

via Daily Prompt: Pamper Our senses, we pamper Starting from the mild all the way to the wild Self Destructing with no end in sight!! Accept your own Light For only that is Right Let others Judge and Fight On what is your Might Just Accept your own Light It may help someone on a… Read More