Daily Prompt: Faint-Certainly not for the faint minded!!

via Daily Prompt: Faint It’s often exclaimed…that certain horror movies or activities are “not for the faint hearted“…. But isn’t it the mind that experiences fear…. Shouldn’t it rather be “not for the faint minded“… Certain minds experience more fear as compared to other minds… It’s only a matter of degrees.

Daily Prompt: Panacea-The strange case of Doctor Lal and his patient.

via Daily Prompt: Panacea Early one morning, a rustic villager having walked miles, landed up at the residence of Dr.Lal…. Dr Lal, was the only doctor in the vicinity of the many many villages around. A simple man was Dr.Lal, always with a smile on his face, which probably made some of the reluctant villagers… Read More

Daily Prompt: Exceptional

via Daily Prompt: Exceptional Today’s prompt “Exceptional” is best summed up by the below video…between Stefan Edberg and Aaron Krickstein.. It’s a vintage video link of the year 1989 and certainly exceptional in every aspect….when tennis was not a brute power game and was home to many a serve and volley player… of angles and deft… Read More