A “S”light Twist!!

via Daily Prompt: Slight An accidental fall on one’s lap…. may result in a tight slap With an ex….there was always the possibility of Sex For one at the top…it can cause a full stop. A madman on the crew…can really really screw It can multiply a lot… by putting a coin in the slot… Read More

Forget about God…Know thy Devil

Yes, that’s right. You read it right. Know thy Devil instead!! Ain’t it easier? The Devil seems to reside in us, within us,up close and strongly associated. Have we not experienced  or experiencing feelings of anger, jealousy, envy, desire, lust,greed,comparison in us?? The immediate human tendency is to shut these feelings, is to brush them… Read More

Overcome Procrastination -Align with your values

In Life, each individual goes in for a trade either almost daily or with a lesser frequency be it weekly, monthly or yearly. But trade everyone does. Even if you would consider a barter system, there is a trade-off involved. Well, how then do you decide when to execute the trade? What is the tipping… Read More

Observe your way to??

via Daily Prompt: Observe Humans Observe. Every single moment, every individual on planet earth observes. Not only humans, every single animal observes…(ok some animals sense too, let’s leave them aside)… The point is observing is second nature to humans… It is an invaluable tool through which an individual learns and survives as well… The Societal… Read More

Daily Prompt: A Vague Answer to the Rescue

via Daily Prompt: Vague Vague– A style of answering I normally relied upon, when the teacher asked me toughie questions… My self image had an allergy to hearing me utter the words “I don’t know the answer”, and so I would embark on a journey of beating around the bush!! At times, the teacher simply… Read More

Politically Toxic

via Daily Prompt: Toxic Toxic – Words that politicians spew out,often whilst dripping Honey!!. The topic can be any, can be many!! If Religion is One, Divide it into Many!! If a Country is One, Split into Two!! By Order, put up a Border Subject the masses to untold disorder Keep temperatures on the boil… Read More