Science in the Service of Religion

Science and Religion aren’t separate. As a matter of fact, it is often Science that invokes religion, heaven and hell or at-least forces one to ponder upon them!! Not sure yet?? Read on further to dispel any doubts… Just friends were they The bonding grew… A Chemistry happened… Physics was simmering beside the corner Trust… Read More

Phone in with Homophones…

A woman may Sail, but be aware when it’s a Sale Jack appeared Pale having dropped the Pail So majestic was his Gait, no Gate could squeeze him in Teaching is Meditative. Students are expected to be Here and Hear Would a “Tail of two cities” made a better “Tale“ He missed being the Heir,by… Read More

Broken Yet Breaking

Relationships break… Morale breaks…Morals break…Individuals break…but not this chappie…he is always “Breaking”… Continuously breaking…yet never broken…never changes from this state…Its the most steady state phenomenon…in today’s world…. At any time the news channel is switched on…there is always something breaking… 247365… Midnight…Dawn…Dusk…breaking all the way…all the time….only for you…. Someone is broke…yet it is breaking….… Read More

Innocent as Never Proven Guilty

via Daily Prompt: Guilty Become a politician, For chances are, you’d never be proven guilty All scams are charges by the opposition to simply paint you filthy… Where exactly is the fudge is well known, even to the Judge Proof’s get wiped out with a nudge And the case simply refuses to budge For their… Read More

Life in a Metro…Awkward without a ??

Travel in a compressed space brings out the reader in one… across all age groups…and across all parts of the globe…It also helps one appear pre-occupied… busy… as nobody would want to align with the proverb-“ an empty mind is the devil’s workshop”. It also helps one avoid eye contact…lest you keep staring at the… Read More

A “S”light Twist!!

via Daily Prompt: Slight An accidental fall on one’s lap…. may result in a tight slap With an ex….there was always the possibility of Sex For one at the top…it can cause a full stop. A madman on the crew…can really really screw It can multiply a lot… by putting a coin in the slot… Read More

Daily Prompt: A Vague Answer to the Rescue

via Daily Prompt: Vague Vague– A style of answering I normally relied upon, when the teacher asked me toughie questions… My self image had an allergy to hearing me utter the words “I don’t know the answer”, and so I would embark on a journey of beating around the bush!! At times, the teacher simply… Read More

Swallow your Medicine or Pride!!

via Daily Prompt: Swallow Kerala, a picturesque state in India. The southernmost state, sharing its land borders with the mighty Arabian Sea, and home to the one of the most famous holistic and alternative forms of medicine-Ayurveda India in the 1970’s was not hit by the specialization Tsunami yet, compared to the cut-throat surgery oriented… Read More