NLP Practitioner Course in Bangalore Feb 17th-Feb 24th

We invite one and all to enter the fascinating world of “Neuro-Linguistic Programming” (a.k.a NLP) Man is a pattern reproducing machine… unless his awareness is truly alert.. Whether these patterns(habits/phobias/fear/relations) are truly beneficial or not… One simply continues with these patterns, at times much against their wish and resolve… If the above is something you… Read More

Music Therapy for Healthy Body Mind and Soul

Hi there!! We are glad to announce our first workshop of 2018, “Music Therapy for Healthy Body-Mind and Soul”, to be conducted on Jan 21st. We welcome your active participation to one and only Workshop of its kind. Experience the Magic of Music to unleash the potential of Gandharva Vidya( Knowledge of Demi Gods) called… Read More

kELanO hari taaLano

Raaga: Basant bahar ;  taaLa: Adi, Composer: Purandaradasaru kELano hari taaLano||taaLamElagaLiddu prEmavillada gaana|| tamboori modalaada akhila vaadyagaLiddu|| kombu koLalu dhvani swaragaLiddu|| tumbooru naaradara gaana kELuva hari|| nambalaara ee Dambada koogaaTa ||1|| naanaa bageya raga bhaava tiLidu|| swara gjnaana manOdharma jaatiyiddu|| daanavaariya divya naama rahitavaada|| heena sangeeta sahityake manavittu||2|| aDigaDigaanadabhaashpa puLakadinda|| naDe nuDige shri hari ennuta… Read More

Integration of Music Therapy into Counselling

We invite all out there to our workshop on ” Integrating Music Therapy into Counselling”.  Highlights of the workshop: 1. Chakras and Ragas, their relationship and hence music as a therapeutic module. 2. Effects of Music on human brain and anatomy 3. Music and emotions, their interlink. 4. Music Therapy for treating addiction, Bad/unpleasant memories,… Read More

Musical Anchors

Music is a Magic pot, full of memories- pleasant and unpleasant. Each one of us have active, forgotten and buried memories in the sub conscious which re-surface at times when we listen to familiar tunes, associated with those memories. One such incident happened the other day, when I was giving a lesson in Carnatic Music… Read More

NLP Practitioner Course

This course on Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) is extremely useful in understanding and decoding the patterns and beliefs which may not be resourceful for an individual’s success. It’s an internationally accredited Practitioner Course, useful for all those who want to achieve multi dimensional success in their professional and personal life!! A must attend course for… Read More

Integrating Music Therapy into Counselling- An awareness Workshop

Hello all, Music is one of the age-old therapies which connects directly with the sub conscious of an individual, thus facilitating self-healing.  The effect of Rhythm and Raga stimulates the right and left parts of the brain and hence strikes a perfect balance in the body mind and soul. Music directs the brain towards creative… Read More

Meenakshi Pancharatnam

udyadbhAnusahasrakoTi sadrishAM kEyUra hArOjjvalAM bimbOShThIM smitadanta panktiruchirAM pItAmbarAlankritAm viShNu brahma surEndra sEvitapadAM tatvasvarUpAM shivAM mInAkShIM praNatOsmi santatam ahaM kAruNya vArAnnidhim(1) muktA hAralasatkirITaruchirAM pUrNenduvaktraprabhAM shinjannUpurakinkinimaNidharAM padmaprabhA bhAsurAm sarvAbhIShTa phalapradAM girisutAM vANIramAsEvitAM mInAkShIM praNatOsmi santatam ahaM kAruNya vArAnnidhim(2) shrIvidyAM shivavAmabhAganilayAM hrIMkAra mantrojjvalAM shrIchakrAnkita bindumadhyavasatiM shrImatsabhAnAyakIm shrImat ShaNmukhavighnarAja jananIM shrImajjaganmOhinIM mInAkShIM praNatOsmi santatam ahaM kAruNya vArAnnidhim(3) shrImatsundaranAyakIM bhayaharAM… Read More

Metaphoric Stories on Ethics and Values

Its our pleasure, sharing few valuable moments spent with the children of SVS Montessori School, Kavalbyrasandra, Bangalore. A Metaphoric Story telling Session on Ethics and Values was conducted by WoW on 27th July 2017.

Stories for kids to unleash Creative Thinking

WoW is glad to facilitate a session on ” Stories for Kids to Unleash Creative thinking” in Plama Heights, Hennur, Bangalore. This is an exclusive Workshop for the children of Plama Heights. It has always been great fun interacting with children. They infect us with their enthusiasm and ever lasting energy. Looking forward to the… Read More