Shri Raghavendra Stotram

Shri Raghavendra(Rayaru) Stotram is composed by Sri Appannacharya, one of the ardent devotees of Sri Rayaru, before entering Brindavana/Samadhi. He was one of the greatest Hindu Saint Philosophers, of 17th Century. For more info on log on to This is my humble tribute of Raghavendra Stotra at his feet. May the great Soul bless… Read More

Hanuman Jayanti-April 11th 2017

Happy Hanuman Jayanti to all the Viewers The Monkey God Hanuman is one of the most celebrated Mythological characters of  Hindu Religion. He is very popular amongst the children for they adore him for his Strength, Innumerable Mischievous Pranks of his Childhood and Power. He is considered,  The Son of Vaayu (Air God) and his… Read More

Rama Navami Shloka

On the occasion of Shri Rama Navami, I am rendering this shloka on Sri Rama, in this post. May the Lord bless us all with Wellness and Prosperity. Once Goddess Parvati asked Lord Shiva thus: kEnOpaayEna laghuna viShnOrnamasahasrakam paThyate paNDitairnityam shrOtumichchaami prabhO|| Meaning: I would like to listen to that abridged form of Vishnu Sahasranaamam,… Read More

Vishnu Sahasranaama

Origin of Vishnu Sahasranaama: Vishnu Sahasra naama, as the name itself reveals, is a collection of a thousand names of Lord Vishnu. It is seen as given by revered Bheeshma (one of the 12 most wise scholars, according to Hindu scriptures) to the eldest of Pandavas, Yudhishtira, during the epic war of Mahabharata. It is… Read More

Hanuman Chalisa

Composed by Goswami Tulsidas, in Awadhi language, Hanuman Chalisa, has been one of the favorite chants of folks of all ages across the globe. As is evident by the name, the Chant describes the glory of the Monkey God Hanuman and hence, is most adored by Children. In this post, I have sung Hanuman Chalisa,… Read More

Lalitha Sahasranaama

Divine chants/Stotras, in Sanskrit are supposed to work on human body-mind in several ways. Properly chanted, the intonation and pronunciations create sound waves which tranquilize the  mind and helps attain trance, in addition to curing several body ailments, Speech problem, Stammering. Also Deficit Concentration issues in Children and Young adults can be overcome by chanting… Read More