A Sutra to help deal with Anger

Anger is “Bad“, so I had been taught… Anger is “Natural“, so I have learnt… Anger repressed inflames… Anger expressed wanes… In this realization, a vicious cycle of  “Control”, “Failure”, “Expectations” and”Guilt” drop of their own accord…          

Bhajans/Devaranamas Audio 4

The songs sung in this episode are: ella naa ballenembuviralla: Set in Raaga Shri, taaLa: Adi, Composed by Purandaradasa. Benefits of Raaga Shri; The raaga borrows its notes from the parental/janaka Raaga, Kharaharapriya. The raaga is extremely useful in treating any kind of Stomach Disorder and Acidity. Emotional outlook of the Raaga: Boosts Self Confidence… Read More