Don’t be Happy 24*7

In the Digital Age, solutions for happiness hit us from every possible medium, be it Facebook, WA or any other medium.”Happiness is the Goal”. Nothing can be farther than the truth, but it does serve as a start point from a societal perspective… These promotional solutions are highly generalized one size fits all solutions, perhaps… Read More

A Sutra to help deal with Anger

Anger is “Bad“, so I had been taught… Anger is “Natural“, so I have learnt… Anger repressed inflames… Anger expressed wanes… In this realization, a vicious cycle of  “Control”, “Failure”, “Expectations” and”Guilt” drop of their own accord…          

Bhajans/Devaranamas Audio 4

The songs sung in this episode are: ella naa ballenembuviralla: Set in Raaga Shri, taaLa: Adi, Composed by Purandaradasa. Benefits of Raaga Shri; The raaga borrows its notes from the parental/janaka Raaga, Kharaharapriya. The raaga is extremely useful in treating any kind of Stomach Disorder and Acidity. Emotional outlook of the Raaga: Boosts Self Confidence… Read More