5 great ways for Relaxation…through Pattern Awareness…

To be read in continuation of the earlier blog, link provided below https://thewellness.blog/2017/03/16/a-balancing-act-between-mn/#more-790 Life styles, if  a balanced blend leads to an optimal mix of Body-Mind In-balance…else can cause a Body-Mind Im-balance. If you sense an im-balance, here are some ways to break the pattern…Intelligence is detecting a non-optimal pattern…and breaking the pattern…dropping the pattern…and it can… Read More

Music Therapy Workshop in Mysore

A workshop on Music Therapy was conducted in Mysore on 3.3.17. The Audience were explained about how rhythm forms an explicit component of not only music but, the human body-mind too, in the form of heart beat, pulse and so on. The audience showed a great response by joining me, in bhajans and group chants.… Read More