A degree for Life

via Daily Prompt: Degree With all the various degrees in the education market, working with factory line precision… churning out qualified degree holders than ever before in mankind’s history… humanity should have been much more evolved than ever!! Is that the case though?? A degree imparts education, does it impart Wisdom?? does it make us… Read More

Porn of a different kind -News

If porn is considered as harmful…negative…., then there should be a New category included called “News” under Porn… News Porn is what I would like to call it…for the content of Present Day News… Man has different grades of consciousness, different levels of consciousness… For some minority of the population, it is the Rock Bottom… Read More

Gautam…The Buddha…

In Understanding myself…I understand the Buddha Buddha is perhaps the first such Guru of humanity, who laid the onus of understanding oneself on the seeker himself. Instead of asking the seeker to follow him…and develop¬†blindfolded trust in him… he simply asked the seeker to find himself… He was simply a catalyst… A presence…A light….A light… Read More

Forget 50…Read the 1st Shade of Gray here!!

via Daily Prompt: Gray At times… When there are many in the Fray All desperate to hear a Hurray… Man can attempt… certain means that qualify as Gray Means like this Repeated once or often Comes blessed and fully built With the shadows of guilt That leaves one in a total disarray!!   IC-pixabay.com

Enriching Your World of Wellness

  All of us have a world within our brain…There are as many worlds as there are individuals. All of us, I am certain would like to enrich the world within… And surprisingly it’s not money that can enrich the world within…     Finances are needed on a Societal plane…Enriching the World of Wellness… Read More