Daily Prompt: Inheritance

via Daily Prompt: Inheritance I am a strong proponent of the “Eccentric Will or staying with the times E-Will”….being the creator 😉 and perhaps the only sole follower 🙁 An eccentric will you may ponder??….Its indeed an unique will… Will it happen ?Well, it reads like this…. “I here by proclaim that on my meeting with… Read More

Daily Prompt: Lollipop

via Daily Prompt: Lollipop At times… isn’t Life simply a craving?? From Craving for a lollipop as a kid…. To Craving for Social Media likes, once too often To Craving for a chilled weekend To Craving for Peace   Perhaps the only event which one does not crave for!!!

The final finale!!

via Daily Prompt: Final Different takes on the word “final”…from different perspectives!! A gamblers compulsion is one Final bet which repeats ever so often!! A defence cadets dream is the Final step to herald himself onto the Armed Forces An athletes aspiration is to make it to the Finals every single time While lastly… Death… Read More

Between Ordinariness

via Daily Prompt: Ordinary Our Birth is Ordinary…No one is born fully clothed… Our Death is Ordinary…Uniform….Can anyone die special? Can the journey called Life entrapped between the flames of  Ordinariness be any different? Rejoice in your ordinariness… For that is the only authenticity… That makes you Special. IC-pixabay.com