Innocent as Never Proven Guilty

via Daily Prompt: Guilty Become a politician, For chances are, you’d never be proven guilty All scams are charges by the opposition to simply paint you filthy… Where exactly is the fudge is well known, even to the Judge Proof’s get wiped out with a nudge And the case simply refuses to budge For their… Read More

Daily Prompt: Faint-Certainly not for the faint minded!!

via Daily Prompt: Faint It’s often exclaimed…that certain horror movies or activities are “not for the faint hearted“…. But isn’t it the mind that experiences fear…. Shouldn’t it rather be “not for the faint minded“… Certain minds experience more fear as compared to other minds… It’s only a matter of degrees.

Daily Prompt: Gate

via Daily Prompt: Gate Life is a duality in the sense… that it always provides a choice… Opening the gate….one can either turn left or right… There is however no right or wrong turn…Only experiences… Existentially it is your experience that matters…. Charting your own path… Places where you halt is your destination. If one… Read More

Quotable Quote #3 – An empty mind is a devils workshop??

An empty mind is a devil’s workshop…is what is taught to many a young child.. Is the empty mind indeed the devil’s workshop?? Let’s try and psychologically dissect this quote…to determine if the devil can indeed be found within 😉 Man operates through thoughts… There is no other way to spur him into action.. For… Read More