In India, its Diwali. And people are quite literally having a blast of a time. Some crackers behave within the framework by being moderately loud, while some others are obnoxiously loud, much like humans 😉 The World today seems to be primarily driven by the Obnoxiously Loud Ones, showing off their might hiding behind a… Read More

Time for “Solarized” Humans

The Sun is the life sustainer of Earth. The entire life cycle of earth revolves around it. Yes, even the earth revolves around the Sun!! What is visible also hides the invisible.What is routinely visible in the physical realm also tends to be overlooked and ignored. (Familiarity breeds contempt!!!). Such has been the disdain of… Read More

The need for a Godly Ceasefire

Kids do talk… be it even minutes after a fight… But alas… Grown Up Kids and Even more Grown Up Gods Don’t…. The Gods need a cease fire… They just don’t talk…. The after effects of their cold war…. in some heavenly plane…. is sure making the Earth Hell….A nightmare…. I Often wonder… I often… Read More

Uncontrolled Controlling!!

via Daily Prompt: Control Some want to control the Globe… Some want to control a Group Some want to control the Other Some want to control themselves Do Pause and Ponder on this seemingly mad obsession to Control Oneself or the Other!! As always…controlled views are invited 😉   IC and pixabay    … Read More

Hanuman Chalisa

Composed by Goswami Tulsidas, in Awadhi language, Hanuman Chalisa, has been one of the favorite chants of folks of all ages across the globe. As is evident by the name, the Chant describes the glory of the Monkey God Hanuman and hence, is most adored by Children. In this post, I have sung Hanuman Chalisa,… Read More

Conquer Whom?

via Daily Prompt: Conquer Imagine for a Moment… That there is only One Individual inhabiting Earth…. Is there anything at all for that Individual to Conquer Yet, when this “One” becomes Many I often ponder what changes? Is there a possibility of “Many” Living Like One? In a World Without Walls In a World Without… Read More