A True Smile!!

There was once a saint who was liked by all. He had a smile on his lips for anyone who came his way, be it a human or an animal. He had become known as a Smiling Saint in and around villages. No one even thought it possible there was something concealed beneath the smile.… Read More

What’s your Question

Man is a conversationalist… He loves to converse with others. If others are not available, then he loves to converse with himself, but converse he has to!! This conversing with oneself is good… nothing wrong in it. Sports personalities do it all the time… to keep their motivation going, to pep themselves up The question… Read More

A Sutra to help deal with Anger

Anger is “Bad“, so I had been taught… Anger is “Natural“, so I have learnt… Anger repressed inflames… Anger expressed wanes… In this realization, a vicious cycle of  “Control”, “Failure”, “Expectations” and”Guilt” drop of their own accord…          

3 Simple Tips to increase Awareness

There are many books and articles in the market place that speak on Awareness… Awareness is the key, a quality that needs to be developed… or rephrasing it, one needs to be more “Aware” of, in the journey of an individuals Subjective World.. The World of Inner Exploration… What follows are a few simple experiments,… Read More

Relationship – Understanding the Head & Tail of it….

Relation–ship– Bifurcating the words “Relation and Ship”… A ship when visualized indicates stability…… Associated with a leisurely charm…. …an entity that does not bother to compete much with its other transportation cousins … roadways &airways…yet it has an air of authority and an old world charm. Both words Relation and Ship however indicate a flux…… Read More

Independence in a Relationship

In Marriage or Relationships- all that matters is perspective!! Independence tends to become “In-dependence“… Where the “ME” accommodates the “WE” “where each leans on the other”… This leaning can be interpreted as Strength.. Two hands are better than One… or can also be interpreted as a Restriction, an Impairment!! and partners often oscillate between these… Read More

Hail Bloggers!!

via Daily Prompt: Tenacious Blogs help keep a log… for  individuals…. across the Globe Capturing the diverse thoughts and moods through events… big and small…. through situations…humorous or grim  and through experiences….profound that accompany us through moments in time that we perhaps cherish for a Life-Time Facilitating a subtle bonding of warmth… and connecting smiles… Read More

A Quotable Quote #2…Heraclitus

You Cannot Step Into the Same River Twice–Heraclitus A beautiful quote by Heraclitus.. It indicates the nature of human emotions… , the depth, the intensity and yes.. the flux of human emotions that Humans undergo…and qualifies and quantifies as Experience. It would be worthwhile to consider the word…Emotions… The very name indicates a fluidity.. that which… Read More

Magic of Music in Children

Enhances the Cognitive abilities in children:              The Wikipedia definition of Cognitive ability is: “the ability of an individual to perform the various mental activities most closely associated with learning and problem solving”.    Memory, Reading, Writing, Reasoning,Grasping and Comprehension are a few mental activities that are most closely associated with… Read More