Daily Prompt: Pamper

via Daily Prompt: Pamper Our senses, we pamper Starting from the mild all the way to the wild Self Destructing with no end in sight!! Accept your own Light For only that is Right Let others Judge and Fight On what is your Might Just Accept your own Light It may help someone on a… Read More

Quotable Quote #3 – An empty mind is a devils workshop??

An empty mind is a devil’s workshop…is what is taught to many a young child.. Is the empty mind indeed the devil’s workshop?? Let’s try and psychologically dissect this quote…to determine if the devil can indeed be found within ūüėČ Man operates through thoughts… There is no other way to spur him into action.. For… Read More

Mankind.. A Grave Story…

As long as the¬†unconscious¬†driving belief ¬†in Man… is that of “Man Vs Nature“… Exploiting Nature… Mistaking it’s silence as weakness… Mankind is busy digging it’s own grave… For when Nature detonates… The Grave is the best place to hide… Finding your¬†true nature..a.k.a (Meditation)..is¬†the art to transform “Man Vs Nature” into “Man¬†AND Nature”.. ¬†    … Read More

A Colourful Tale

Purple via Daily Prompt: Purple If one likes¬†the colour green…. If¬† one is totally identified with the colour green… Good… Perfect.. Now comes a colourful twist…. With such strong identification with green Does one tolerate the presence of other colours.. Be it Red, Purple or Blue… Or does one simply accept the presence of other… Read More