The Melody of a Buddha in a Bar

We are all born a hollow bamboo…a hollow flute…No wonder infants and children across geographic continents radiate divinity…for the divine simply plays out it’s tune in them…. Absolutely tender, pristine and pure are they…. for they are carriers of the divine…the grown ups like to flock to them… for somewhere deep down in them…. they… Read More

Salutations to the Enlightened Ones

The fragrance emanating from an Enlightened Master do not fade away…. Their Words spoken… when on the Physical plane Still reverberate… to the one’s ready to listen Can we slow down…bow down….low down??? Just be a Hollow Bamboo….a passage ?? A tribute in remembrance of Guru’s who have walked in our midst…. Guru Poornima day -9th… Read More

Analogy of Flute and Human Body

The working of wind instruments is of special interest to me since I could draw an easy analogy between this and human body. This is a humble effort to put my understanding and analogy of the same. Wind instruments like flute work on the principle of open air columns/open pipes. Explained generally in crude terms,… Read More