Bhajans/Devaranamas- Audio 5

The songs discussed in this episode are: pOgadirelo ranga: Raaga: shankarAbharaNa, taaLa: mishrachaapu, Composer:Purandaradasa Raaga benefits: It is the 29th raaga of the meLakarta raaga/janaka raaga(parental raaga) chart. The raaga is being used immensely to cure patients with dementia and other mental ailments. A lot of Beethoven Symphonies and Mozart music are composed in this… Read More

Brief Introduction to Ragas of Carnatic Music

The first classification of Carnatic ragas into mELakarta system dates back to 17th century, pioneered by Sri Venkatamakhi. The classification was made, considering 16 shades or variants of saptaswaras (unlike the 12 variants of Hindustani system) and hence as much as 72 distinct melakarta or Janaka/parent ragas were formed. Each parent/ Janaka raga has a… Read More