Marketplace Meditation

Be in the Market place, but not of the Market place -Osho Meditation needs to be something normal… very ordinary. There is nothing special needed for it. No special preparation, no build up needed, no expectation that you would need to experience tranquility when you meditate.. There is a misconception prevalent that Meditation is Concentration…… Read More

Porn of a different kind -News

If porn is considered as harmful…negative…., then there should be a New category included called “News” under Porn… News Porn is what I would like to call it…for the content of Present Day News… Man has different grades of consciousness, different levels of consciousness… For some minority of the population, it is the Rock Bottom… Read More

Secrets of Life Unraveled through Zen!!

via Daily Prompt: Unravel A Zen Story A young energetic man wanted the answer to “what is life”… For this he travelled the globe looking for answers from many knowledgeable masters, but he wasn’t convinced by their attempts to answer his queries… Finally…he was told to proceed deep into the Himalayas…. where a truly “Enlightened”… Read More