A Duet or a Quartet?

via Daily Prompt: Quartet Words,Words Everyday Words,Words Everywhere Some in English,Some in French Some in German, Some in Spanish Even if the world does vanish Words may survive…hidden in some trench!! Some words create a duet when strung beside each other while some create a quartet Sometimes I ponder, if mankind were to be in… Read More

A degree for Life

via Daily Prompt: Degree With all the various degrees in the education market, working with factory line precision… churning out qualified degree holders than ever before in mankind’s history… humanity should have been much more evolved than ever!! Is that the case though?? A degree imparts education, does it impart Wisdom?? does it make us… Read More

Mankind.. A Grave Story…

As long as the unconscious driving belief  in Man… is that of “Man Vs Nature“… Exploiting Nature… Mistaking it’s silence as weakness… Mankind is busy digging it’s own grave… For when Nature detonates… The Grave is the best place to hide… Finding your true nature..a.k.a (Meditation)..is the art to transform “Man Vs Nature” into “Man AND Nature”..      … Read More

Can Humanity Survive??

via Daily Prompt: Survive A request for a prayer to all Humanitarians out there, for a simpler World… Let Mankind be blessed with Wisdom enough In order to ensure that no man meets Hell On this heaven called Earth Where Life is simply a blossoming of the spirit within and never ever a matter of… Read More

Uncontrolled Controlling!!

via Daily Prompt: Control Some want to control the Globe… Some want to control a Group Some want to control the Other Some want to control themselves Do Pause and Ponder on this seemingly mad obsession to Control Oneself or the Other!! As always…controlled views are invited 😉   IC 123rf.com and pixabay    … Read More

Hail Bloggers!!

via Daily Prompt: Tenacious Blogs help keep a log… for  individuals…. across the Globe Capturing the diverse thoughts and moods through events… big and small…. through situations…humorous or grim  and through experiences….profound that accompany us through moments in time that we perhaps cherish for a Life-Time Facilitating a subtle bonding of warmth… and connecting smiles… Read More

A Colourful Tale

Purple via Daily Prompt: Purple If one likes the colour green…. If  one is totally identified with the colour green… Good… Perfect.. Now comes a colourful twist…. With such strong identification with green Does one tolerate the presence of other colours.. Be it Red, Purple or Blue… Or does one simply accept the presence of other… Read More