Phone in with Homophones…

A woman may Sail, but be aware when it’s a Sale Jack appeared Pale having dropped the Pail So majestic was his Gait, no Gate could squeeze him in Teaching is Meditative. Students are expected to be Here and Hear Would a “Tail of two cities” made a better “Tale“ He missed being the Heir,by… Read More

Your score is 35/100

via Daily Prompt: Reprieve In the life of some students pursuing their degrees…. 35 is a very important number(predominantly In India) 35 is a very insulting number to the Geeks..  As a matter of fact…anything less than 100 is demeaning… They believe in the descending number value system… Marks ranging from 100 backwards to 90… Read More

4 sure shot ways to get Knackered!!

via Daily Prompt: Knackered A few practical examples to get Knackered!! Disclaimer -The brave-hearts can try these out at their own risk.. Please feel free to share your knackered experiences 😉 Forget your wife’s or girlfriends birthday and get Knackered for free!!   Forgetting to gel with Nature will eventually leave you Knackered as well.… Read More

Zero to One… The difference is NOT Minimal.

via Daily Prompt: Minimal As a Kid I often wondered… Is there any magical way… to score maximum marks with minimal of efforts With so much to play… through out the day… I prayed to every God.. hopeful of finding the way But then I realized after many a whack that Zero is not acceptable… Read More