Daily Prompt: A Vague Answer to the Rescue

via Daily Prompt: Vague Vague– A style of answering I normally relied upon, when the teacher asked me toughie questions… My self image had an allergy to hearing me utter the words “I don’t know the answer”, and so I would embark on a journey of beating around the bush!! At times, the teacher simply… Read More

Weekend Humour -Governance!!

For those who have a lousy government… it’s a “miss-governance” experience…   For those reeling from the lousy governmental rules. it’s also a “mis-governance” experience…   Either ways, one is Screwed…Unscrew yourself.. Laugh Out Loud…   Have a nice weekend…soaked in wellness 🙂 Ic-pixabay  

Your score is 35/100

via Daily Prompt: Reprieve In the life of some students pursuing their degrees…. 35 is a very important number(predominantly In India) 35 is a very insulting number to the Geeks..  As a matter of fact…anything less than 100 is demeaning… They believe in the descending number value system… Marks ranging from 100 backwards to 90… Read More