A Cupful of Bliss

via Daily Prompt: Bliss In  Drugs….its all about forgetting  yourself…. In Relaxation…you remember your true self….   One is available on the outer…. The other is available on the inner… One helps to forget your personality…. The other helps you realize your individuality… One eventually drags you into a hole… The other eventually dissolves you into… Read More

A 440-Volt Jolt.

via Daily Prompt: Jolt Dreams I have always enjoyed A World within Worlds Where Logic simply has no hold And imagination runs bold Sometimes a fairy in bright colours was quite a sight Sometimes a devil filled me with fright Sometimes I was jumping between the stars Sometimes I was pole vaulting between bars Sometimes a… Read More

“Labels” and the Mind

via Daily Prompt: Label The mind loves to Label As a matter of fact, for the Mind to Operate It needs to Label It Labels Taste,It Labels Touch… It Labels Beauty… It Labels Fragrance It also Labels People As a friend or a Foe…As a Yes or a No… It needs to do So…. But… Read More