Weak or Strong?? Which side are you on!!

Is it the weak who feed off the strong or is it the strong who need the weak?? In the animal kingdom, is the strong who latch onto the weak Or is the weak who feed off the strong?? In the human kingdom too, who would be a leader if the masses were missing? In… Read More

One-Liners that You can RELATE to!!

via Daily Prompt: Relate Philosophy – The art of ruminating how good the tea would taste, if  and when prepared!! Karma – An accounting software used by God and Satan to measure the Good deeds and bad of gullible earthlings!! Society – A transformation platform to convert Humans into Robots Lawyers – Through their words,… Read More

Daily Prompt: Inheritance

via Daily Prompt: Inheritance I am a strong proponent of the “Eccentric Will or staying with the times E-Will”….being the creator 😉 and perhaps the only sole follower 🙁 An eccentric will you may ponder??….Its indeed an unique will… Will it happen ?Well, it reads like this…. “I here by proclaim that on my meeting with… Read More

Is Life a One-Way??

via Daily Prompt: One-Way There was once a vagrant who resided near the outskirts of a village. Far enough from the eyes of the villagers and the crowd, lest they object to his presence. He had to be careful though… The outskirts of the village also happened to be the beginning of a thick and… Read More

A Quotable Quote – An Osho Quote

A certain darkness is needed to see the Light – Osho I recently came across this statement on a bookmark. The statement in itself is quite profound. If one stays with this, ponders on it, and sleeps with it… it seeps into you…That is what statements from Masters other greats are supposed to do.. Some… Read More

Forget 50…Read the 1st Shade of Gray here!!

via Daily Prompt: Gray At times… When there are many in the Fray All desperate to hear a Hurray… Man can attempt… certain means that qualify as Gray Means like this Repeated once or often Comes blessed and fully built With the shadows of guilt That leaves one in a total disarray!!   IC-pixabay.com