Swallow your Medicine or Pride!!

via Daily Prompt: Swallow Kerala, a picturesque state in India. The southernmost state, sharing its land borders with the mighty Arabian Sea, and home to the one of the most famous holistic and alternative forms of medicine-Ayurveda India in the 1970’s was not hit by the specialization Tsunami yet, compared to the cut-throat surgery oriented… Read More

Photo Challenge: Growth

via Photo Challenge: Growth Growth – The only constant… The below fruit is called a Jackfruit, commonly found in Southern India (Kerala & Southern Karnataka) in India. The below image is of an Infant Jackfruit… in it’s nascent stage of growth.. When it matures, it requires strong arms to lift one. It’s often used to… Read More

Early Morning Reflections of the Sun & Moon

via Photo Challenge: Reflecting The water absolutely Neutral.. is Reflecting the warmth of the Sun while also reflecting the cool radiance of the Moon Trivia – An early bird gets it prey…In this case, getting up early dawn, helped me capture the moon-set, while also helping me capture the warm Sun rise… a cold December… Read More