A Radio Dial… Quotable Quote #4

“I came to understand that emotional responses are like frequencies on a radio dial: if you turn the volume down on one station, you turn it down on all the others at the same time. If you’re going to develop joy, laughter, and humor, you will open yourself up to feeling the pain, loss and… Read More

Spiritual Mathematics…

It finally boils down to this…One is either a Spiritualist or a Logician… These 2 categories contains the “types” of  all mankind… So here follows a Spiritualists Vs Mathematicians take…An Un-patented…categorization of folks…albeit in a totally refreshing theory… The left hand side is the view point of Spiritualists….captured into boundaries by the Mathematicians….on the Right… Read More

Enhancing Your World Of Wellness – Logic Vs Emotions??

The World Is Chaotic. Restless. Turbulent beneath the Calm Can the inner world or the worlds within an individual be any different? For a World driven by cold and calculative logic….the answer is “NO”. It is simply logical that it mimics the outer…Ain’t it? However the inhabitant individuals are fortunately not ROBOTS…The individuals are not only… Read More