Incubate Hell or Heaven…

via Daily Prompt: Incubate   Be wary of what you incubate in the Mind… for it tends to function as an amplifier…as an enhancer… You feed it with comparison… jealousy coupled with insecurity manifest You feed it with doubt… and untrustworthiness manifests You feed it lust…and perversions manifest You feed it with worry… and anxiety… Read More

A honest confession : Patina

via Daily Prompt: Patina Honestly, I had to look up the synonym of this word… Patina.. Thanks to this Daily Prompt, my vocabulary stands enriched.. Wikipedia defines the word thus : Patina is a thin layer that variously forms on the surface of stone, copper, bronze and similar metals, wooden furniture, or any such acquired… Read More

Daily Prompt: Inhabit

via Daily Prompt: Inhabit At times I ponder…. Do what the mystics proclaim to be existentially true exist? Is there a state of Mindfulness that Inhabits us?? And then I reset myself…. I am simply the Watcher It does not really matter… I just watch the thoughts Be it Religious or Irreligious Be it of… Read More