Early Morning Reflections of the Sun & Moon

via Photo Challenge: Reflecting The water absolutely Neutral.. is Reflecting the warmth of the Sun while also reflecting the cool radiance of the Moon Trivia – An early bird gets it prey…In this case, getting up early dawn, helped me capture the moon-set, while also helping me capture the warm Sun rise… a cold December… Read More

“Labels” and the Mind

via Daily Prompt: Label The mind loves to Label As a matter of fact, for the Mind to Operate It needs to Label It Labels Taste,It Labels Touch… It Labels Beauty… It Labels Fragrance It also Labels People As a friend or a Foe…As a Yes or a No… It needs to do So…. But… Read More

5 great ways for Relaxation…through Pattern Awareness…

To be read in continuation of the earlier blog, link provided below https://thewellness.blog/2017/03/16/a-balancing-act-between-mn/#more-790 Life styles, if  a balanced blend leads to an optimal mix of Body-Mind In-balance…else can cause a Body-Mind Im-balance. If you sense an im-balance, here are some ways to break the pattern…Intelligence is detecting a non-optimal pattern…and breaking the pattern…dropping the pattern…and it can… Read More