mAyAmALavagouLa- Raaga Benefits

mAyAmALavagouLa is the 15th mELakartha(Raaga-main chart) raaga and hence a sampUrNa raaga with Sapta swaras, in the chronological order , in the ascent and descent. The ascent and the descent go thus: ArOhaNa:    s  r1 g3 m1 p d1 n3 S|| avarOhaNa: S n3 d1 p m1 g3 r1 s|| The raaga is foundational in… Read More

Music Therapy for Stress management and Relaxation- Batch 2

We had a wonderful group of ladies on this special ‘ladies-only’ batch of Music therapy for Stress management and Relaxation workshop. The event was conducted on 19.8.2017 @ BlueNile Counselling and Life Skills, Public Utility Building, MG Road, Bangalore. Sharing a few moments and reviews of the workshop as captured by our handy mobile phone… Read More

Raaga: Hamsadhwani

Ascent/ArOhaNa: S R2 G3 P N3 S|| Descent/avarOhaNa: S N3 P G3 R2 S|| Raaga Hamsadhvani is derived from the 29th main chart(mELakarta) raaga, Dheera ShankarabharaNa. The raaga is considered auspicious and helps alleviate stress and tension. Here is a sample audio clipping of the raaga with its characteristics and benefits. Some of the songs… Read More

Waking up Blues!!4 Simple Tips to ease into your day

Starting your day on the right note or right foot, is an important activity… it often sets the mood/temperament  for the rest of the day at-least… for most of us. I personally find the first few minutes after waking up very sensitive…So here are some tips that can help one glide into a relaxed frame of mind for the… Read More

Early Morning Relaxation Music-1

This audio is created to bring in a synergy between body and mind. It is an early morning  Meditative tune, to kick start your day afresh and relaxed.  This relaxation tune is set in raaga malayamaaruta, a derivative of main stream/mELakarta raaga chakravaaka. The raaga has the potential to raise the kuNDalini energy as it… Read More

Tilang: Raaga Benefits- Audio7

Song: rAma rAma rAma seeta rAma enniro, taaLa: trishra naDai, Composer: Purandaradasa The raaga Tilang, has a unique flavor of Divinity in it. It sedates the body-mind with its tantalizing notes. The Ascent and Descent go thus: Ascent: S G3 M1 P N3 S|| Descent: S N2 P M1 G3 S|| The charm of the… Read More

Raaga Benefits:Poorvi Kalyani-Audio 6

For the benefit of the viewers, the audio has been restricted to a single song discussion. The song discussed in this audio is hanumanta deva namo. Do let me know how did you all like the post!! 🙂 Hanumanta deva namo: Raaga: Poorvi Kalyani, taaLa:Adi, Composer:Purandaradasa Raaga Benefits: A Janya (baby) raaga of the mELakarta(Parent),… Read More

Music Therapy Workshop in Mysore

A workshop on Music Therapy was conducted in Mysore on 3.3.17. The Audience were explained about how rhythm forms an explicit component of not only music but, the human body-mind too, in the form of heart beat, pulse and so on. The audience showed a great response by joining me, in bhajans and group chants.… Read More