Daily Prompt: Crescendo

via Daily Prompt: Crescendo Existence each passing moment is in a Continuous Crescendo Gliding on Notes of Infinity…. In A perfect harmony…A perfect tempo A perfect rhythm…A perfect pitch Just slip into it…Sing it….It’s your prayer to Existence… Avoid Slipping into it…. and One Exists -tense….   IC -pixabay.com      

Shri RamaashTakam

sugreevamitraM paramaM pavitraM seetAkalatraM navamEghagAtram kAruNya pAtraM shatapatranetraM shrIrAmachandraM satataM namAmi ||1 || samsAra sAraM nigama prachAraM dharmAvatAraM hata bhoomi bhAram sadA nirvikAraM sukha sindhusAraM shrIrAmachandraM satataM namAmi ||2||   lakShmI vilAsaM jagatAM nivAsaM IankA vinAshaM bhavanaprakAshaM bhUdEva vAsaM sharadindu hAsam shrIrAmachandraM satataM namAmi ||3||   mandAramAlaM vachanE rasAlaM guNairvishAlaM hata saptatAlam kravyAdakAlaM suralOkapAlaM shrIrAmachandraM… Read More

Bilahari-Raaga benefits

Bilahari is a janya raaga of 29th mELkartha Dheera ShankarabharaNa. The ascent and the descent go thus: ArOhaNa: s r2 g3 p d2 S|| avarOhaNa: S n3 d2 p m1 g3 r2 s|| It is an auDava SampoorNa raaga, with a pentatonic(5 notes) scale in the ascent and a complete descent. It is also a… Read More

Salutations to the Enlightened Ones

The fragrance emanating from an Enlightened Master do not fade away…. Their Words spoken… when on the Physical plane Still reverberate… to the one’s ready to listen Can we slow down…bow down….low down??? Just be a Hollow Bamboo….a passage ?? A tribute in remembrance of Guru’s who have walked in our midst…. Guru Poornima day -9th… Read More

Waking up Blues!!4 Simple Tips to ease into your day

Starting your day on the right note or right foot, is an important activity… it often sets the mood/temperament  for the rest of the day at-least… for most of us. I personally find the first few minutes after waking up very sensitive…So here are some tips that can help one glide into a relaxed frame of mind for the… Read More