Mankind.. A Grave Story…

As long as the unconscious driving belief  in Man… is that of “Man Vs Nature“… Exploiting Nature… Mistaking it’s silence as weakness… Mankind is busy digging it’s own grave… For when Nature detonates… The Grave is the best place to hide… Finding your true nature..a.k.a (Meditation) the art to transform “Man Vs Nature” into “Man AND Nature”..      … Read More

Life Hacks… De-stress with Animals “Not” in You

Nature has indeed been kind and blessed mankind with animals… and pets…   Animals, pets….play the role of a “catalyst”…and help humans slip into relaxation..without chants or prayers or discipline.. Lazing with them is enough and a deeper connect just happens. They make beautiful “Guru’s”… They don’t demand a fee or any sort of allegiance or have… Read More

4 sure shot ways to get Knackered!!

via Daily Prompt: Knackered A few practical examples to get Knackered!! Disclaimer -The brave-hearts can try these out at their own risk.. Please feel free to share your knackered experiences 😉 Forget your wife’s or girlfriends birthday and get Knackered for free!!   Forgetting to gel with Nature will eventually leave you Knackered as well.… Read More