An Adolescent’s Paradox

Imagine a situation wherein you have been playing joyfully in a gentle stream for years together… You perhaps learned to swim in this stream as a toddler, but as you grew up you could wade through it… The stream was your world, safe and gentle Then one fine day, the stream merges itself into the… Read More

A Tale of 2 Water Droplets

Once upon a time in a distant land, lived 2 droplets of water…leading a contended life on a leaf… But little did they realize of the impending danger that awaited them… One fine day…. a voice from the sky spoke up to the droplets….that they had exceeded their time on the leaf… Listening to this… Read More

A Radio Dial… Quotable Quote #4

“I came to understand that emotional responses are like frequencies on a radio dial: if you turn the volume down on one station, you turn it down on all the others at the same time. If you’re going to develop joy, laughter, and humor, you will open yourself up to feeling the pain, loss and… Read More

#3, What does the pic trigger in you

Images are powerful…. They operate at multi-dimensional layers of the human mind ecosystem… They evoke memories…. They bring to life… emotions They help dissolve boundaries…They help transcend time They also can trigger inferences and imaginations …and bring to life as many stories and interpretations as the number of viewers… Through this particular blog post and… Read More

Concentration Vs Meditation…Brothers in Arms??!!

During conversations over a Cup of Tea….with colleagues…one statement I have heard often is… I am no good or not that good @ Meditation… I just cannot concentrate…Get disturbed by many thoughts and noises.. So let’s try and understand the areas…the clouds around meditation and concentration…After all, everything hovers around clouds isn’t it..(from technology to… Read More

Did you pay your bill??

via Daily Prompt: Timely A Gentle reminder… issued in public interest…. Pay your credit card bills in a timely manner for the late payment fees that pile up exponentially can give a sinking feeling that a submarine experiences… being hit by a torpedo… while simultaneously bringing out moans of despair… normally accompanied by the choicest… Read More