A Quotable Quote – An Osho Quote

A certain darkness is needed to see the Light – Osho I recently came across this statement on a bookmark. The statement in itself is quite profound. If one stays with this, ponders on it, and sleeps with it… it seeps into you…That is what statements from Masters other greats are supposed to do.. Some… Read More

Salutations to the Enlightened Ones

The fragrance emanating from an Enlightened Master do not fade away…. Their Words spoken… when on the Physical plane Still reverberate… to the one’s ready to listen Can we slow down…bow down….low down??? Just be a Hollow Bamboo….a passage ?? A tribute in remembrance of Guru’s who have walked in our midst…. Guru Poornima day -9th… Read More

A Quotable Quote #2…Heraclitus

You Cannot Step Into the Same River Twice–Heraclitus A beautiful quote by Heraclitus.. It indicates the nature of human emotions… , the depth, the intensity and yes.. the flux of human emotions that Humans undergo…and qualifies and quantifies as Experience. It would be worthwhile to consider the word…Emotions… The very name indicates a fluidity.. that which… Read More

21st March -Osho’s Enlightenment Day

A Tribute to My Guru..Osho (a.k.a Rajneesh). 21st March is the day he attained enlightenment. Osho- An apparent bundle of contradictions..yet his words pierce with pinpoint singularity. In this world….where Guru’s are projected or are forced to project or historically projected as the epitomes of “Perfection”… he was literally the devil incarnate… He was and… Read More