A Duet or a Quartet?

via Daily Prompt: Quartet Words,Words Everyday Words,Words Everywhere Some in English,Some in French Some in German, Some in Spanish Even if the world does vanish Words may survive…hidden in some trench!! Some words create a duet when strung beside each other while some create a quartet Sometimes I ponder, if mankind were to be in… Read More

A different kind of Radiation!!

via Daily Prompt: Radiate This is the authors attempt to portray the cold war situations when the world came close to self destructing.. and perhaps of many more situations to follow!! When bullies try and negotiate… By sending across brigades and frigates… Too much tension they radiate… Not many to mediate… War cry’s resonate… Some… Read More

Can Humanity Survive??

via Daily Prompt: Survive A request for a prayer to all Humanitarians out there, for a simpler World… Let Mankind be blessed with Wisdom enough In order to ensure that no man meets Hell On this heaven called Earth Where Life is simply a blossoming of the spirit within and never ever a matter of… Read More

Conquer Whom?

via Daily Prompt: Conquer Imagine for a Moment… That there is only One Individual inhabiting Earth…. Is there anything at all for that Individual to Conquer Yet, when this “One” becomes Many I often ponder what changes? Is there a possibility of “Many” Living Like One? In a World Without Walls In a World Without… Read More

Enriching Your World of Wellness

  All of us have a world within our brain…There are as many worlds as there are individuals. All of us, I am certain would like to enrich the world within… And surprisingly it’s not money that can enrich the world within…     Finances are needed on a Societal plane…Enriching the World of Wellness… Read More