Trump’s World Psychology – The balls-point theory

Till date… it is only human psychology that’s been attempted to be understood.. For the very first time in the history of mankind…is an attempt being made to understand World Psychology…Brief and Concise.. No lengthy forewords by world  renowned authors.. No intellectual jargon…No Amazing Press reviews… Welcome to the Balls-Point theory of World Psychology..modeled after Trump… Read More

Observe your way to??

via Daily Prompt: Observe Humans Observe. Every single moment, every individual on planet earth observes. Not only humans, every single animal observes…(ok some animals sense too, let’s leave them aside)… The point is observing is second nature to humans… It is an invaluable tool through which an individual learns and survives as well… The Societal… Read More

Monkey Business – A Transactional Analysis

Some monkeys decide to visit their human manifestation. Me ;-)… I decided to capture this visit of theirs onto a snap.. a natural snap unlike a posed selfie…Scratching each others back’s without bothering to smile… Some random thoughts from their rather unexpected visit… I would guess that Monkey A and Monkey B would scratch each… Read More

Daily Prompt: Inhabit

via Daily Prompt: Inhabit At times I ponder…. Do what the mystics proclaim to be existentially true exist? Is there a state of Mindfulness that Inhabits us?? And then I reset myself…. I am simply the Watcher It does not really matter… I just watch the thoughts Be it Religious or Irreligious Be it of… Read More

Daily Prompt: Lust

via Daily Prompt: Lust It spares no one from it’s Thrust Everyone is to experience it as a First… Some sink deep into it’s Crust… Some apparently deny it’s Outburst…. It mesmerizes when on a page It has engulfed many a Sage Is not deterred either by Rage And can accompany one into Old Age…… Read More