mAyAmALavagouLa- Raaga Benefits

mAyAmALavagouLa is the 15th mELakartha(Raaga-main chart) raaga and hence a sampUrNa raaga with Sapta swaras, in the chronological order , in the ascent and descent. The ascent and the descent go thus: ArOhaNa:    s  r1 g3 m1 p d1 n3 S|| avarOhaNa: S n3 d1 p m1 g3 r1 s|| The raaga is foundational in… Read More

Early Morning Relaxation Music-1

This audio is created to bring in a synergy between body and mind. It is an early morning  Meditative tune, to kick start your day afresh and relaxed.  This relaxation tune is set in raaga malayamaaruta, a derivative of main stream/mELakarta raaga chakravaaka. The raaga has the potential to raise the kuNDalini energy as it… Read More

Bhajans/Devaranamas- Audio 5

The songs discussed in this episode are: pOgadirelo ranga: Raaga: shankarAbharaNa, taaLa: mishrachaapu, Composer:Purandaradasa Raaga benefits: It is the 29th raaga of the meLakarta raaga/janaka raaga(parental raaga) chart. The raaga is being used immensely to cure patients with dementia and other mental ailments. A lot of Beethoven Symphonies and Mozart music are composed in this… Read More

Bhajans/Devaranamas Audio 4

The songs sung in this episode are: ella naa ballenembuviralla: Set in Raaga Shri, taaLa: Adi, Composed by Purandaradasa. Benefits of Raaga Shri; The raaga borrows its notes from the parental/janaka Raaga, Kharaharapriya. The raaga is extremely useful in treating any kind of Stomach Disorder and Acidity. Emotional outlook of the Raaga: Boosts Self Confidence… Read More