While It Lasted!!

A simple “emoticon” cycle… an attempt to portray the indeed complex and unique web of human relations…applicable more than ever in today’s rapidly evolving world !!   The sequence of events-1… The Girl with a golden glow… The Guy with a shadowy green Meet through a Mate… They subsequently Meet and Mate and A radiance emanates… and Folks… Read More

Relationship – Understanding the Head & Tail of it….

Relation–ship– Bifurcating the words “Relation and Ship”… A ship when visualized indicates stability…… Associated with a leisurely charm…. …an entity that does not bother to compete much with its other transportation cousins … roadways &airways…yet it has an air of authority and an old world charm. Both words Relation and Ship however indicate a flux…… Read More

Independence in a Relationship

In Marriage or Relationships- all that matters is perspective!! Independence tends to become “In-dependence“… Where the “ME” accommodates the “WE” “where each leans on the other”… This leaning can be interpreted as Strength.. Two hands are better than One… or can also be interpreted as a Restriction, an Impairment!! and partners often oscillate between these… Read More

Uncontrolled Controlling!!

via Daily Prompt: Control Some want to control the Globe… Some want to control a Group Some want to control the Other Some want to control themselves Do Pause and Ponder on this seemingly mad obsession to Control Oneself or the Other!! As always…controlled views are invited 😉   IC 123rf.com and pixabay    … Read More