Conversation and Conservation

via Daily Prompt: Conversation I have personally been fascinated by the word “Conversation“… Probably as it closely linked to the word “Conservation” as well.. it just needs a shuffle of a few alphabets…2 alphabets to be precise.. Each interaction in life is a flux… You meet a stranger… You either converse or conserve your vocal… Read More

Concentration Vs Meditation…Brothers in Arms??!!

During conversations over a Cup of Tea….with colleagues…one statement I have heard often is… I am no good or not that good @ Meditation… I just cannot concentrate…Get disturbed by many thoughts and noises.. So let’s try and understand the areas…the clouds around meditation and concentration…After all, everything hovers around clouds isn’t it..(from technology to… Read More

Mankind.. A Grave Story…

As long as the unconscious driving belief  in Man… is that of “Man Vs Nature“… Exploiting Nature… Mistaking it’s silence as weakness… Mankind is busy digging it’s own grave… For when Nature detonates… The Grave is the best place to hide… Finding your true nature..a.k.a (Meditation) the art to transform “Man Vs Nature” into “Man AND Nature”..      … Read More

Hanuman Chalisa

Composed by Goswami Tulsidas, in Awadhi language, Hanuman Chalisa, has been one of the favorite chants of folks of all ages across the globe. As is evident by the name, the Chant describes the glory of the Monkey God Hanuman and hence, is most adored by Children. In this post, I have sung Hanuman Chalisa,… Read More