Weekend Humour -Governance!!

For those who have a lousy government… it’s a “miss-governance” experience…   For those reeling from the lousy governmental rules. it’s also a “mis-governance” experience…   Either ways, one is Screwed…Unscrew yourself.. Laugh Out Loud…   Have a nice weekend…soaked in wellness 🙂 Ic-pixabay  

Quotable Quote #3 – An empty mind is a devils workshop??

An empty mind is a devil’s workshop…is what is taught to many a young child.. Is the empty mind indeed the devil’s workshop?? Let’s try and psychologically dissect this quote…to determine if the devil can indeed be found within 😉 Man operates through thoughts… There is no other way to spur him into action.. For… Read More

4 sure shot ways to get Knackered!!

via Daily Prompt: Knackered A few practical examples to get Knackered!! Disclaimer -The brave-hearts can try these out at their own risk.. Please feel free to share your knackered experiences 😉 Forget your wife’s or girlfriends birthday and get Knackered for free!!   Forgetting to gel with Nature will eventually leave you Knackered as well.… Read More