Science in the Service of Religion

Science and Religion aren’t separate. As a matter of fact, it is often Science that invokes religion, heaven and hell or at-least forces one to ponder upon them!! Not sure yet?? Read on further to dispel any doubts… Just friends were they The bonding grew… A Chemistry happened… Physics was simmering beside the corner Trust… Read More

A “S”light Twist!!

via Daily Prompt: Slight An accidental fall on one’s lap…. may result in a tight slap With an ex….there was always the possibility of Sex For one at the top…it can cause a full stop. A madman on the crew…can really really screw It can multiply a lot… by putting a coin in the slot… Read More

One-Liners that You can RELATE to!!

via Daily Prompt: Relate Philosophy – The art of ruminating how good the tea would taste, if  and when prepared!! Karma – An accounting software used by God and Satan to measure the Good deeds and bad of gullible earthlings!! Society – A transformation platform to convert Humans into Robots Lawyers – Through their words,… Read More

The Melody of a Buddha in a Bar

We are all born a hollow bamboo…a hollow flute…No wonder infants and children across geographic continents radiate divinity…for the divine simply plays out it’s tune in them…. Absolutely tender, pristine and pure are they…. for they are carriers of the divine…the grown ups like to flock to them… for somewhere deep down in them…. they… Read More

Daily Prompt: Lollipop

via Daily Prompt: Lollipop At times… isn’t Life simply a craving?? From Craving for a lollipop as a kid…. To Craving for Social Media likes, once too often To Craving for a chilled weekend To Craving for Peace   Perhaps the only event which one does not crave for!!!

Quotable Quote #3 – An empty mind is a devils workshop??

An empty mind is a devil’s workshop…is what is taught to many a young child.. Is the empty mind indeed the devil’s workshop?? Let’s try and psychologically dissect this quote…to determine if the devil can indeed be found within 😉 Man operates through thoughts… There is no other way to spur him into action.. For… Read More

Some Food for Thoughts!!

Some really simple food for thought. When life isn’t permanent… When our stay here isn’t permanent… Can the problems we experience… be permanent?? Just be with this Sutra…Absorb it.. Let it seep into you…at its own pace.. Now…a brief back ground on the workings of our Mind.. to understand the Sutra… Just be aware that… Read More

Life Hacks… De-stress with Animals “Not” in You

Nature has indeed been kind and blessed mankind with animals… and pets…   Animals, pets….play the role of a “catalyst”…and help humans slip into relaxation..without chants or prayers or discipline.. Lazing with them is enough and a deeper connect just happens. They make beautiful “Guru’s”… They don’t demand a fee or any sort of allegiance or have… Read More

4 sure shot ways to get Knackered!!

via Daily Prompt: Knackered A few practical examples to get Knackered!! Disclaimer -The brave-hearts can try these out at their own risk.. Please feel free to share your knackered experiences 😉 Forget your wife’s or girlfriends birthday and get Knackered for free!!   Forgetting to gel with Nature will eventually leave you Knackered as well.… Read More