A Duet or a Quartet?

via Daily Prompt: Quartet Words,Words Everyday Words,Words Everywhere Some in English,Some in French Some in German, Some in Spanish Even if the world does vanish Words may survive…hidden in some trench!! Some words create a duet when strung beside each other while some create a quartet Sometimes I ponder, if mankind were to be in… Read More

Conversation and Conservation

via Daily Prompt: Conversation I have personally been fascinated by the word “Conversation“… Probably as it closely linked to the word “Conservation” as well.. it just needs a shuffle of a few alphabets…2 alphabets to be precise.. Each interaction in life is a flux… You meet a stranger… You either converse or conserve your vocal… Read More

5 great ways for Relaxation…through Pattern Awareness…

To be read in continuation of the earlier blog, link provided below https://thewellness.blog/2017/03/16/a-balancing-act-between-mn/#more-790 Life styles, if  a balanced blend leads to an optimal mix of Body-Mind In-balance…else can cause a Body-Mind Im-balance. If you sense an im-balance, here are some ways to break the pattern…Intelligence is detecting a non-optimal pattern…and breaking the pattern…dropping the pattern…and it can… Read More