An Astral Imagination Journey

via Daily Prompt: Astral The skies intrigue many… Astral bodies that adorn the infinite expanse of the night skies, mesmerizes many individuals who are receptive enough to be captivated by its mysteries… Do these constellations and planets try and communicate with us or are they always communicating? Is it that we do not have the… Read More

A Zen-Quotable Quote #3

A Zen Saying  “No Goal But the Path”   This Zen Sutra is pregnant with profundity, with depth. One can perennially  swim in it’s depth and yet reach nowhere.. Yet someone who has drunk of this sutra, has reached somewhere!! This Sutra can be understood through a contrast…. A contrast between the Societal Perspective and… Read More

Think before You Climb!!

via Daily Prompt: Climbing Isn’t Life a Race!! So start climbing… Climb High, Climb Higher is what they say!! Reach for the Stars, Reach into Space Keep Up the pace…for you are a special case!! Continue Climbing Higher!! Don’t look Down.. They deserve only a frown.. And for someone who does manage What next? Alone… Read More